We offer an incredible range of services, all provided under a plan of care established and monitored by the patient’s physician.

Skilled Nursing

Our experienced home health Nurses assess and care for patients of all ages and conditions. Services may include, Patient observation and assessment, Patient and family teaching, Administration of medications, Wound care, Tracheotomies, gastrostomy tubes and foley catheters, and other treatments as ordered. Specialty teams in diabetic care, behavioral health, wound care, as well as a dedicated pediatric team.

Disease Management

Programs focused on education, nutrition, patient compliance, and communication help to control the disease process and maximize wellness. Plan of care is modified based on individual patient needs. Clinical paths include diabetes, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, DVT, asthma, COPD, and IDDM.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists assess the rehabilitation needs of patients and establish realistic goals toward recovering function. Services provided in the home include therapeutic exercise, gait training, range of motion and other modalities. Pediatric therapists are available for the special needs of the child and the family.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assess the patient’s ability to carry out activities of daily living and develop treatment plans. Therapies include training in feeding, dressing, balance, assistive devices and other interventions.

Speech Therapy

We offer treatment for speech, language, communication disabilities and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy is often a supplemental service to skilled nursing care, when indicated.

Medical Social Work

Social Workers assess and attempt to improve the patient’s emotional adjustment by counseling, referral to community agencies, helping with finances, and other matters.